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BEST ever FREE registration application

Sports, meetings, get together… Where ever and whenever you need to sign in to some event use INGO. It free for free event and really affordable for payable events as well.


The Ingo registration system consists of the event organizers and the event registrants. Anyone can create events and anyone sign up for events.

Paid transactions are subject to processing fees per participant. Organizing free events is free. A free event is an event with free tickets and no additional paid options. If any entry costs more than € 0.00, the event will be considered a paid event.


Registration for the event is done via the event registration form. In the enrollment process, you can register one or multiple people at a time.

The payment service for registration is Paytrail plc. You can pay for the registration partly through vouchers and partly through Paytrail.

User Accounts

User account login is always done by subscribing to the email login link. This is so Ingo doesn’t have to store passwords in a database, which improves security.

Management features

The dashboard creates information about every enrollee. Events can be customized. In addition to event management, the dashboard includes enrollment management and printing of reports.

Event Organizer / Groups

One user can create multiple groups to organize events. You can create multiple events for one group. One group can have multiple managers.

Event listing and archive

Event archiving. Copy events (Can be used, for example, to create a new event from an event template). Browse the archive and restore events from the archive.

Create and edit an event

Define event start and end times.

Define the location of the event. The location automatically creates a Google Maps map for the event page.

Specify the link name for the event page. For example, running.

Set gender and age restrictions for the event. For example, creating events for boys only 14–15 years. Restrictions appear on the event page

A description of the event that will appear on the event page with text formatting available.

Defining contact information. Contact information is displayed on the event page.

You can upload a logo image and event image for the event. For example, the club logo can be used as a logo image.


Determining the number of tickets. When the tickets run out, that ticket can no longer be selected when registering for the event.

Set gender-specific and age-specific restrictions on tickets. For example, an event may be unrestricted, but a certain ticket is only available to men.

Defining Ticket Sales Periods. In other words, different ticket prices can be set depending on the time of day.

Determining the VAT on the ticket.

NB! The ticket is just a virtual entity for specifying the registration time. Ingo does not provide printing service for physical tickets.

Additional Options

Advanced options allow you to add alternate discounts or paid options to your registration form. Additional options can be used, for example, to sell drinks and meals, or to provide corporate discounts.

Pricing to two decimal places.

Specify the type of selection. Euro or discount rate.

Specify VAT.

Define the response field type. One selection or multiline respsonse.

Registration form questions

Define compulsory fields for Name, Email, Address, Phone, Date of Birth, Gender and Guardian Contact Information, by Event and by Ticket.

Defining additional questions on the registration form and options for answers. Additional questions can be used to inquire about additional information, such as allergies or running shirt sizes.

Advertising option

Organizer have a possibility to sell one HERO ADVERT on the system. With this option all participants will see one advert when saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Please visit our sponsor etc.

This will make this system very affordable, you might even gain some money with this option. If organizer does not want take this option INGO will show some generic information or some INGO´s sponsormessages.

Listing and managing sign-ups

Enrollment list by event. Filtering the enrollment list by enrollment status, payment status, enrollment name, gender, year of birth, selected ticket or additional question. Print the enrollment list as an Excel report. Editing enrollment information.

Listing of payment transactions

Filter your transaction listing by transaction, payment method, or payment status. Print transaction listing as an Excel report. Transaction-specific PDF report.


Event-specific Excel report of enrollments. Transaction-specific Excel transaction report.